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Isilar S.R.L.’s well known prestige is the outcome of the great designs and working of its products to store, handle and keep grain. It counts with a vast trajectory and proved responsibility in the area. Since 1977, it offers its clients a technical department specialized in developing industrial projects according to the needs that are considered important: optimization of space, elements distribution, choice of transport equipment and -a fundamental issue- the possibility of future enlargement.

Currently, it is one of the leader companies in Argentina. Thanks to its extensive experience, Isilar has built more than 1.000.000 tons of grain storages for several producers, prestigious foreign and local companies, cooperatives, middlemen, oil, food and seeds companies.

Years of research, active market participation, innovative spirit, technological development and a loyal customer service settled down the foundations that keep the balance and strength of the business. Isilar relies on a state-of-the-art factory with specialized personnel, updated machinery and a suitable technical approach, so as to reach the best proportion in the quality-cost relationship

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