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Bucket Elevator

Isilar Elevator Line is used in the grain vertical movement. It includes 7 models with a range of capacities that goes from 20 to 300 tons per hour. They are specially designed and built to work outdoors, totally armored with centrifugal discharge buckets. The upper head is completely made of metal, with additional sheets reinforcement. It counts with anti-wear materials in the areas prone to grain friction and with a motor rubber pulley. The body is made of galvanized or heat laminated steel sheets with rust preventing protection and edges covered with synthetic varnish. It is formed by bolted assembling parts and includes vertical ladder with safe cage protection. The ground level section comprises an inspection door for supervision and adjusts. The Bucket elevator foot includes tensioning pulley, volume control, decompression doors and auxiliary load entrance. It also counts with excellent quality cloth and rubber laminated belts and metal or plastic buckets fixed to the belt with special bolts. Set in motion assembly formed by an electric three phase engine and reduction boxes designed in accordance to the power needed and which include no-reverse breaks. The high voltage transmitters are equipped with elastic and mechanic attachments.

Superior distributor

It can have double or simple load entrance or up to 10 load entrances. Designed for different capacities that go from 20 to 300 tons per hours. It can be operated manually at ground level or motorized with electric remote control.

Inferior distributor

It comprises flap valves and recollection hoppers that allow the combination of up to 10 load points with 3 different bucket elevators.

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