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Isilar Metal Fixed Silos

Isilar Fixed Silos Line is designed to store in a safe way different types of grains and products. They can be built over conic bases or flat reinforced concrete bases. The storage capacity varies from 40 to 10000 tons.

Isilar Silos are built entirely with metallic and easy to assemble materials with cylindrical body and conic roof. All of them come in different sizes according to the diverse storage needs.

The cylindrical body is built with galvanized corrugated steel sheets fixed to one another and to a rigid structure with bolts and hermetically sealed joints. This structure is made of vertical mullions of different sizes and horizontal rings that depends on the position and height of the silo. It includes an entrance at ground level and internal and external vertical ladders with safety cages. The roof is made of trapezoidal galvanized steel sheets. The edges are bent into moldings so as to increases resistance and allow a perfect joint between adjacent parts. Furthermore, extra roof truss are fastened to the upper ring in order to grant the whole structure greater resistance to bear mechanic or measuring equipment. The roof also includes an inspection or entrance opening, stairs with rails and static or dynamic vents. The fixing to the location is done with iron anchorages that attach the resistant structure to the base concrete.

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