Since 1977 storing quality.

» Isilar S.R.L.

Isilar’s well known prestige is the outcome of the great designs and working of its products to store, handle and keep grain. It counts with a vast trajectory and proved responsibility in the area.

Since 1977, it offers its clients a technical department specialized in developing industrial projects according to the needs that are considered important: optimization of space, elements distribution, choice of transport equipment and -a fundamental issue- the possibility of future enlargement... read more +

» Isilar Silos

Isilar Silos are built entirely with metallic and easy to assemble materials with cylindrical body and conic roof. All of them come in different sizes according to the diverse storage needs.

The cylindrical body is built with galvanized corrugated steel sheets fixed to one another and to a rigid structure with bolts and hermetically sealed joints. This structure is made of vertical mullions of different sizes and horizontal rings that depends on the position and height of the silo. read more +

» Products

  • Isilar Fixed Silos

  • Isilar Aerial Silos

  • Isilar Expedition Silos

  • Mechanization

  • Ventilation

  • Pre-cleaning

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